Major incident declared as vehicle hits pedestrians in South Kensington - The i newspaper online

A major incident has been declared outside the Natural History Museum. It’s been reported that a car mounted a pavement outside the museum on Exhibition Road in South Kensington shortly before 2.20pm today. The Natural History Museum has confirmed the incident and say they are working with the Metropolitan Police. Video footage from the scene shows police guarding a cordon at the scene. While photos show a dented silver car and a man being pinned to the ground outside the museum. The Museum i

Theresa May 'ready to give EU better Brexit deal’ over divorce bill AND citizens rights

The move is set to anger hard line Brexiteers from her party who have already accused the Prime Minister of backing down from a hard Brexit. EU negotiators are expecting Britain to accept the divorce costs of around £40 billion and also agree on a way to ensure the legal rights of EU citizens living in the UK. David Davis has already announced a u-turn which will allow EU citizens in the UK to appeal to British courts using European law.

Hurricane Irma advances towards the US coast

Hurricane Irma is battering Cuba and making its advance towards the Florida coast. So far 22 people have been confirmed dead with islands such as the British Virgin Islands, Barbuda and Anguilla all hit hard by the storm. 5.6 million people in Florida are thought to be leaving their homes from the path of the storm. Irma hit Cuba late on Friday with the 135 mph gusts destroying the tools used to measure wind strength. Waves as high as 23 feet were recorded, according to officials.
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Box office hit Dunkirk is boycotted in China

While movie Dunkirk has been a box office hit here in the UK, Chinese audiences have avoided the film declaring that 'running away' does not represent Chinese values. State mouthpiece the Global Times reported in an opinion piece that people in China had been avoiding the film because praising an evacuation does not strike a chord with Chinese audiences. The film has also raised questions over whether General Harold Alexander should be considered a war hero.
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China ponders new rule for disrespecting national anthem

China has drafted a new law that will see those who disrespect the country's national anthem jailed. The draft legislation was given a second reading during the National People's Congress Committee on Monday, according to state media. It claims that those found disrespecting or distorting the national anthem will be detained for 15 days or found criminally liable. Authorities are drafting a new law on the appropriate use of the national anthem, reports state mouth piece Xinhua.
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China bans children from attending church services

Authorities in China have tightened their grip on the country's churches by ordering that children are to be banned from joining religious groups. The ban also prohibits children from attending religious sermons and other activities in several provinces across the country. Control on the country's churches began several years ago when places of worship were ordered to remove crosses from their buildings in Zhejiang province.

Pub forced to defend itself after selling pints for £13.40

A pub in London has been forced to defend itself after it was criticised for charging £13.40 for a pint of beer. The Rake in Borough Market was criticised after a photograph of its pricing list was posted online to Twitter. The pub blames the high cost of its Cloudwater North West Double IPA on the distributor Euroboozer on marking up the price of the IPA. The Rake is owned by Utobeer who have since released a statement on the media attention.

Buckingham Palace: Man arrested after attacking police with knife

Counter Terrorism detectives are investigating after a man attacked three police officers with a knife outside Buckingham Palace on Friday evening. The man was arrested at approximately 20.35 hours by officers at the Mall for possessing the weapon, a four-foot-long sword. In a statement, Metropolitan Police said that the man, 26, had driven at the police van and stopped in a restricted area on the Mall. Officers spotted the large bladed weapon in his vehicle and went to arrest him.
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